About Us

Welcome to Xaia by VRx Health, a trailblazing application for Apple's Vision Pro, aimed at revolutionizing mental wellness through innovative Artificial Intelligence use. Our core mission is to enhance mental well-being, making it more accessible, affordable, and impactful for those seeking support.

VRx Health was founded by a team of forward-thinking, board-certified physicians from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, renowned for healthcare excellence. Our founders have over a decade of leadership in the Virtual Medicine lab and the prestigious annual Medical Virtual Medicine conference (vMed), providing a solid foundation in virtual health solutions that guide our approach to mental wellness.

One of our key founders, Dr. Omer Liran, MD, MHDS, a respected psychiatrist at Cedars-Sinai, has been instrumental in addressing the obstacles individuals encounter in accessing mental wellness support. The high costs and limited availability of quality care have been significant hurdles. Dr. Liran's experiences with these challenges are deeply ingrained in Xaia's mission.

The emergence of advanced AI technologies presented a unique opportunity to devise a scalable solution for the increasing demand for mental wellness support. Xaia harnesses sophisticated AI to deliver personalized mental wellness experiences, making support more reachable than ever. Our application is designed to be a companion in your mental wellness journey, offering assistance whenever and wherever needed.

At VRx Health, we believe mental wellness is a fundamental right. This conviction is mirrored in every aspect of Xaia, from its user-friendly design to its foundation on evidence-based strategies for mental well-being. We invite you to join us in a new chapter of mental health care, where technology and empathy merge to foster a healthier, more joyful community.

Our Team's Research in the Press

Xaia Has Been Years in the Making.


The Launch of Virtual Medicine at Cedars-Sinai

Dr. Brennan Spiegel launches the Virtual Medicine program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.


Dr. Liran Joins the Team

Dr. Liran joins Dr. Spiegel as Co-Head of Virtual Medicine and together they develop SynerGI, the first VR treatment for chronic gastrointestinal distress.


Xaia and VRx Health are Formed

The team combines spatial computing with AI to create Xaia. VRx Health is formed out of Cedars-Sinai to commercialize the innovative new technology.


Validation and Launch of Xaia

Results of initial testing of Xaia are published in Nature Digital Medicine. Xaia is launched on the Apple Vision Pro for a world-wide release.