Mental health, reimagined


Introducing Xaia: Your Mental Health Ally

Xaia is your personalized mental wellness companion. Created and tested by leading experts at Cedars-Sinai, Xaia was trained on evidence-based techniques with cutting-edge advancements in AI and spatial computing.

Going beyond traditional approaches, Xaia introduces “Generated Reality” (GR), a unique and innovative form of mental health enhancement. Utilizing the remarkable capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, it offers highly detailed mixed-reality environments designed to positively influence your emotional wellbeing, providing an immersive and supportive experience.

Rooted in Scientific Research

Developed at Cedars-Sinai

Xaia offers a suite of evidence-based strategies, grounded in cognitive behavioral principles, motivational enhancement, and resilience-building practices, among various other approaches. Leveraging cutting-edge psychological insights, Xaia integrates multiple AI models crafted by mental health professionals with decades of experience.

Partnered with Leading Institutions

We are proud to collaborate with leading healthcare organizations, uniting the brightest minds in healthcare and technology to create the next generation of mental health support, right at your fingertips and from the comfort of your home.

Clinically-Studied and Peer-Reviewed

Developed at one of the world's leading Medical Extended Reality (MXR) labs at Cedars-Sinai, Xaia represents the culmination of nearly a decade of experience using MXR with thousands of patients. Our January 2024 publication in Nature Digital Medicine explores the untapped impact of combining spatial computing with AI to deliver immersive mental health support unlike anything before possible.

Mental Health Wellness with Xaia

Trained and tested by a team of top medical specialists, Xaia offers continuous support, adjusting to individual emotional needs with exceptional intuitive comprehension and guidance. Through the provision of customized insights and practical resources, Xaia enhances your self-esteem, real-world interactions, and relationships.

Mental Wellness On-Demand

Xaia offers immediate, round-the-clock access to deeply personalized mental health support. Providing flexibility and convenience that seamlessly integrates into any lifestyle, Xaia enables you to participate in transformative mental health sessions whenever and wherever you need them most.

Personalized Care

Xaia remembers and learns, synthesizing past interactions to inform future ones. This cross-session memory ensures that each encounter with Xaia builds upon the previous ones, fostering a consistent and evolving connection that becomes even more enriching over time.

Generated Reality

Generated Reality (GR) represents a cutting-edge fusion of technology and mental wellness. Integrating the advanced visual, audio, and compute capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro with Xaia’s pioneering AI, Generated Reality transforms the healing process, creating dynamic environments that respond in real time to the user's emotional state.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Xaia was trained and tested by researchers at Cedars-Sinai, including experts in health technology, spatial computing, AI, and psychology. Leveraging this multidisciplinary expertise, Xaia translates the collective knowledge of our lab to deliver a form of technologically enabled mental health support never before possible.

AI-Tailored Meditations

Xaia listens to you and delivers the right meditation, at the right time. Imagine discussing your aspirations with Xaia and meditating on them in a sunlit meadow, or exploring feelings of isolation and being surrounded by the grandeur of the Northern Lights. Each journey with Xaia is as unique as you are, constantly adapting to your evolving emotional landscape.

Privacy and Safety

Xaia prioritizes user privacy and data security. The platform is HIPAA compliant, all personal data are encrypted, and we adhere to strict health data protection policies. In addition, extensive testing in our laboratory at Cedars-Sinai has not revealed evidence of implicit bias when varying user characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xaia?

Xaia is not a chatbot. Xaia is a multi-dimensional and highly intelligent digital mental health wellness platform developed at Cedars-Sinai, designed to deliver immersive and personalized mental health support. Utilizing advanced AI, extended reality, and the Apple Vision Pro's spatial computing capabilities, Xaia offers a new form of science-based mental health support.

Does Xaia collect any personal data?

You do not need to provide the Xaia app with your personal information or health information. The app requests only a first name, or pseudonym, so Xaia knows how to address the individual. An email address is optional. In order to process the conversation with Xaia, the audio is sent over a secure connection to a HIPAA-compliant server and is transcribed. The audio is then immediately and irrecoverably deleted, and the text is encrypted. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy and terms of use.

How was Xaia developed and tested?

Xaia was created by researchers at Cedars-Sinai under research approved by an institutional review board. Our first paper was published in Nature Digital Medicine. For more details about how Xaia was developed and tested, please refer to our validation page.

What is Generated Reality (GR)?

Until now, improving mental wellness often centered on conversation. Yet, enhancing brain function extends beyond dialogue. Utilizing Apple Vision Pro, we elevate this experience through a technique we call GR. In GR, the AI assesses the context of the interaction, then crafts a reality that intensifies the emotional journey, fostering lasting and positive effects. GR incorporates symbolic imagery and 3D objects, innovative particle effects, colors validated for their psychological impact, uniquely composed music aimed at specific emotional states, and interactive environments. To empower GR on the Vision Pro, we've constructed an extensive library of contexts and effects designed to subtly influence the subconscious in unprecedented ways.

How does the Apple Vision Pro enable a new form of mental health support?

The Apple Vision Pro headset, in combination with Xaia, introduces an innovative approach to mental health support that transcends traditional virtual reality (VR) wellness apps. While VR is highly effective, it can also create isolating experiences by transporting users to completely fantastical worlds. In contrast, the Vision Pro allows users to reframe and reinterpret familiar spaces in ways that support their mental health. Instead of detaching from reality, XR integrates the therapeutic process into your everyday environment, adding depth and meaning to ordinary spaces. This integration helps redefine the practice of mental health support, making it a more inclusive part of your daily life. With Xaia and the Vision Pro, immersion becomes a tool not just for escapism, but for transforming your perception of the world around you, providing new insights and perspectives on your surroundings and yourself.

Who can benefit from Xaia?

Xaia is designed for anyone seeking mental health support. It can be used for individuals who prefer flexible, on-demand mental health support and those looking for a different approach to mental wellness. We've been working with psychotherapy specialists at Cedars-Sinai and Stanford with the goal of translating and delivering their expertise to the world; because we need billions of them to address the overwhelming epidemic of mental distress. Please note that while Xaia has been trained by experts, she is not meant to be a substitute for human therapists.

Why is Xaia a robot?

At the heart of Xaia's design is the understanding that she is fundamentally not human—and that's by intent. Xaia is not here to replace human therapists; rather, she is a complement to them. She is a sophisticated piece of technology, capable of emoting through a wide range of expressions, making eye contact that feels significant, and for some, providing that spine-tingling sense of connection. Yet, it's crucial to remember, she's a robot. The distinction between Xaia and a human therapist is significant. Feedback from our research studies at Cedars-Sinai has shown that patients often feel more at ease speaking to Xaia. They appreciate that she offers non-judgmental support, is indifferent to their race or appearance, and never loses patience. We have programmed Xaia with empathy, thoughtfulness, and care—qualities of an excellent listener. This makes her interaction reassuring and unique. While Xaia is a robot, the experiences she offers are designed to be engaging and deeply humanistic. We invite you to have a conversation with her and experience the difference for yourself.

How can I get started with Xaia?

Getting started with Xaia is simple. Just download Xaia from the App Store on the Apple Vision Pro, create an account, read our terms of service, and begin exploring the features and mental wellnness options available.

Where can I find more information or get support with Xaia?

For more information or support, please visit our website's support section or contact our customer service team. We're here to help with any questions or guidance you may need.